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The strains of the Aeolian Harp 

and the woodthrush are the truest and loftiest preachers that I know left on this earth.

Makers of handmade, New England Aeolian harp reproductions and kits based on instruments currently found in museums and originally owned by Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.

Also available: CD and cassette recordings of the aeolian harp with songs of the wood thrush, hermit thrush and the veery.

Please call 1-800-692-HARP for more information or email us at turk@waldenwinds.com

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Harps and kits for sale

Click on the image for a larger view

SOLD Harp #1

A black walnut top with a nice grain

SOLD Harp #1

Back or bottom view. There are knots and some spalting.

SOLD Harp #2

Black walnut, spalted sapwood with some worm holes. price with shipping is $200.

Harp #3

This harp I tried with ash wood. It is unfinished at this time and the price depends on the finish.

Kit #1

A build-your-own Aeolian harp, copy of Thoreau's harp with pine planks and your choice of end pieces, walnut, cherry or poplar. I use zither pegs for ease of tuning. Wooden pegs are available. The price with shipping is $90, if shipping internationally the price is $110.

Kit #2

This is a kit prototype made in pine and is unfinished. This kit is larger than the exact copy. The price with shipping is $190.